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Law office in Senegel


Sunulex Lawyers has an in-depth knowledge of the opportunities and challenges faced by your businesses in Senegal and the OHADA zone. We understand what is at stake in a globalised and digitalised world how this affects your contracts, assets and compliance obligations.

We stand by your side to help you decide and determine the strategies that best safeguard your interests.

We have expertise in the following areas: company law, commercial law, tax law, OHADA law, employment law, intellectual property Law, new technologies, personal data, privacy law, professional immigration, etc.

Sunulex also has a societal mission : we promote access to law for citizens. For professionals, we offer access to the largest database of African laws: sunulex.africa

Focus area

Company incorporation, development and restructuring

Writing of your shareholders' agreements,company's articles, minutes, legal publications and capital increases.

Advice, drafting and review of your contracts

Service contracts, employment contracts, dismissal and resignation, lease contracts, website design and maintenance contracts, disclaimer.

Personal Data and privacy

Definition of your data protection strategy, drafting of your personal data protection policy, drafting of your cookie policy. Compliance...

Intellectual Property

Mise en ?uvre de la stratégie de protection et d’exploitation de votre propriété intellectuelle, contrat de développement et de cession d’application web et mobile…


Advice and assistance in obtaining visas for France, Belgium, Canada and the United States. Assistance with formalities for settling in Senegal...

Setting up NGOs in Senegal

Assistance with formalities of registrationregistration of NGO's et du plan d’investissement.

Our Strenghts


Knowledge of the contexts 

We have a deep knowledge and understanding of the legal, administrative and contextual challenges in Africa and Europe.


A strong network 

We have a solid network of lawyers in Belgium, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Benin and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Attorney at law online 

No matter where you are in the world, Europe, Africa, USA, Canada etc... just click to consult your lawyer online. We work in French and English.

Let’s Work Together

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